Sissy Husband Story
Shamed And Humiliated By His Wife!

Jim was a banker at the local branch of a very powerful financial broker in Los Angeles. He was a large man, widely respected and even feared in the boardroom. He had a million dollar house in suburbs and drove a $78,000 mercedes sedan. It seemed like he had it all, but there was one dark secret he never wanted anyone to find out. His wife, Janice was a transexual! And not only that, she was a mean and dominating creature who loved to humiliate and shame him by dressing him as a sissy and forcing him to satisfy her perverted lust....
Once dressed as her sissy, Janice made Jim perform small menial tasks and favors like a common house maid. Holding her ashtray, fetching her dinner, or making her a drink was just the start of the night's activities for him. Of course as she got a little more drunk her true nature came out. "Jim" she'd sneer "Would you like me to take some pictures of you now and post them on the company website? I think your secretaries would love to see you in your panties and stockings licking my feet. What do you think?". "No, dear, please.." he'd blush, knowing she was just working up to what was coming next...

She removed his panties and made him sit in the chair as she scolded him about the size of his cock. "Look at this little penis, Jim, I mean honestly, you'd think a man your size would have something a little more between his legs with which to pleasure his wife?". He couldn't respond because of the ball gag she had placed in his mouth. "Maybe if your penis wasn't so small I wouldn't have to have a black lover on the side. Lord knows I need a REAL man, not some sissy husband to satisfy me. You're a fucking disgrace" She snarled...

"Maybe I'll let you masturbate for me later, but right now you're going to get on your knees and lick my ass till I think you're worthy of my attentions". She forced Jim to his stocking clad knees and spread her asscheeks infront of his face. "Now get that tongue up my ass, you fucking sissy! I want you to use it like toilet paper". Jim did so, trying not to let the tart taste of her anus make him gag. He dared not, he knew if he didn't tell her that her ass tasted like honey she would punish and humiliate him even worse. He knew from her heavy breathing and grunts that she was getting aroused. He could see her cock start to harden and throb..

Before he knew what happened Janice had him bent over and ready to be sodomized like a street whore. She spit into her hand and smeared the saliva around his tight brown anus. "Open up you fucking sissy bitch!" She commanded as she worked one, then two and finally three of her fingers into his asshole. "Get ready to take my cock, you sissy whore!". With a loud grunt she slammed her erect cock into his stinging anus. Jim groaned with pain, but his wife just laughed and started to pump her cock in and out of his sore asshole. Janice thrust madly as she sneered "That's right, take it good my little sissy moan for me, bitch! let me hear you say you're an assfucked sissy bitch!!". Finally she pulled out and ejaculated hot cum all over his back and bare butt. Jim blushed as she wiped her cock with a towel and slapped him on the ass. "Good boy! Now you stay there in that position while I have a smoke. I think I might want to fuck you again in a few moments".

Jim wondered how it had ever come to this - being the humiliated sissy husband of a transexual bitch wife?!
Sissy Husband Story Picture

Sissy Husband Story Picture

Sissy Husband Story Picture

Sissy Husband Story Picture

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