Pantyhose Sissy Husband

Hanna had made her husband into a pantyhose wearing sissy! But when she came home drunk and violent one night, the poor feminized man soon learned the shame and humiliation of being ass raped by your own wife!
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"Mario was a good little sissy husband, well-trained, obedient, polite and very feminine. He enjoyed his pretty wife Hanna picking out his female clothing each night when he got home from work and leaving his outfits laid out on the bed, often with a note telling him how proud she was of her "sweet sissy husband". She even let him wear pantyhose from time to time which was a special treat for him. Not many feminized men had a wife so understanding...or CRUEL! You see, many times Hanna came home drunk and angry from work and she would take out her violent feelings on him in brutal, humiliating sexual attacks..."
"And tonight was one of those nights! The first inkling he got that Hanna was home, was when she burst into the bedroom wearing a strapon and swearing loudly. "Where's that little sissy bitch husband of mine?" she roared "I'm going to rape that slut like a fucking Mexican whore!" Mario was shocked, he'd only seen her this wasted a few times in their marriage. Hanna also noticed he was wearing the pantyhose she had laid out. "Oh, how fucking cute, the little cunt's got his pantyhose on too! I'm going to enjoy nailing THAT ass!" Mario tried to get away but she threw him forward on the bed ..."
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"Before he could say a word Hanna jumped on him and rammed the huge strapon she was wearing straight into his mouth. Mario gagged as he felt the head of the rubber cock slam against the back of his throat. "Yeah, bitch, suck that girlie cock like a good little sissy slut!" Hanna hissed "Make believe your sucking down some stud's hot jizz in a truckstop men's room!" Mario wanted to fight back, but being a good sissy husband he had to obey his dominant wife. "Come on" she sneered "Show me some good cock love, Mario, after all - I did let you wear pantyhose tonight, didn't I?"..
"Alright, enough sucking" Hanna yelled "I want THAT sissy ass!" Mario gasped as his drunk wife hurled him onto his stomach and yanked his pantyhose down revealing his naked ass. She roughly pulled his ass cheeks apart and spit in his exposed anus. "There's a little lube for my sissy bitch's tight shit hole" Hanna bellowed "Can't have my husband crying like a little lolita virgin getting her first big cock fuck, now can I?" Mario cringed at what he knew was coming next..."
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"AHHHH!" Mario gasped as Hanna violently rammed the huge strapon cock straight into his asshole with a drunken fury. She began to slam his backside again and again, thrusting her hips and pulling him to her with her hands. "Yeah!" she yelled "That's how a sissy husband gets FUCKED! Take that cock, BITCH!" Mario's poor bunghole was stinging and burning from her assault. "Now reach in those pantyhose and jerk that little sissy cock, Mario!" she hissed "Try to make a little spurt for mommy. you fucking boy whore!"

Poor Mario, shamed and humiliated by his wife, but such is the fate of a pantyhose sissy husband!

Hanna Feminizes And Ass Rapes Her Slut Husband With A Strapon!

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