My Sweet Sissy Husband

This beautiful dominant strapon wife decided to feminize her husband into a sweet sissy and make him take a cock upon command! She loves an obedient male and now that she's cock trained and ass broken her man, married life is looking pretty good - for her! Could YOU stand being forced to cross dress and become the sweet sissy husband of a butt banging strapon wife? You MIGHT just like it!
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I Feminized My Husband

"I've always been a sexually dominant woman, and when I got married to Charles I knew there was going to be some changes in the way HE thought the gender dynamic of our marriage would be. To put it bluntly, I wear the cock in THIS house and HE wears the panties! Yes, I feminized him into an adorable sweet sissy who lives to obey and serve his strapon wife - ME! It took a little doing at first, he thought he was a macho man and had to be cock trained and ass broken until I had him manageable and tame, but I did it. And it was well worth the effort ladies, now he's an absolute delight and pleasure to command. He even said he now loves to cross dress and loves it when I pick out pretty feminine clothes for him to wear..."

Feminized Males Are Very Obedient!

"I really take a delight in seeing the way my sweet sissy husband has become such an obedient and submissive "girl". He even helps me buckle on my strapon when I tell him it's time for a little cock training so he learns the proper way to please a man or women by being a good little bitch. I've even started introducing him to some of my gay male friends and arranging "play dates" for him, lol! I want him to be a good little cock sucker and they can teach him the ways of sucking and pleasing a man's penis like a woman would. Of course he begs me to never tell anyone that he's the sexual plaything of other men on occasion, but I think in time he will accept his feminized position and come to appreciate the delights of being able to please either sex while cross dressed and looking so pretty in his sissy clothes..."
my sweet sissy husband picture
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my sweet sissy husband picture
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Sissy Suck Training

"Now once I shared my sweet sissy husband with a black stud I know from the club at which I work. He said that he was not too impressed with Charles' cock sucking technique and I needed to train him a little better. I listened intently and when I had Charles back home I asked him what had happened? He said that the guy's cock was SO big he had trouble getting all but the swollen head into his mouth and felt his jaws were going to burst! And when he came it just gushed all over his face and ran down his pretty new pink blouse. "Okay" I said, "Not to worry, I'll give you some more sissy suck training and you'll be blowing black studs as well as the next little feminized man slut in no time!" His face brightened and we now schedule a sissy suck training session at least once a week. It's nice to have such an eager student!..."

He Wants To Be A Sissy Man Maid!

"Charles confessed to me the other night that he now has a fantasy of being a full time sissy man maid for me and others. He wants to quit his job at the bank and just be a feminized slut! Can you imagine? What a change from the teary fights we used to have when I first told him he was going to dress as a woman and become sexually submissive! I think he would make a lovely little man maid around the house and I'm going to let him quit his day job at the end of the month. He promised to be a good girl and never complain about his chores or duties either, and that includes sexually servicing any of the male guests I have over too! Yes, he's a sweet sissy husband and I'm VERY proud of his transformation into a cute feminized man slut..."
my sweet sissy husband picture
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my sweet sissy husband picture
See LOTS Of Sissies Getting Strapon Fucked HERE!

Sissy Ass Made For A Strapon!

"Of course my favorite sexual activity remains ass fucking my sweet sissy husband with a strapon! Look at that cute sissy ass! Tell me it wasn't made for a huge cock or strapon? When I first ass fucked him, the poor dear screamed and pleaded so you would think I was raping a virgin, which I guess I was! He had never been anally penetrated before and I had to really work to get that rubber cock up his ass good and deep. But, like all things, he now LOVES being ass fucked by his strapon wife and willingly bends over and pulls down his panties upon command. What a sweet sissy husband, I'm SO proud of him and if I can give any ladies out there some advice for a happy marriage, I'd say two things - Buy a strapon, and feminize your husband! Trust me, gals, you'll enjoy the thrill of seeing him so tame and submissive, and your gay friends will LOVE him!"

He's The Obedient Feminized Cross Dressed Male Of A Dominant Strapon Wife!

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