Feminized Over The Phone

For the past 3 weeks I have been undergoing sissy feminization training by telephone with a delightful Mistress who is helping me become the best sissy I can. I first called her number because I was curious as to what kind of feminization could really be achieved over the telephone, and once I had spoken to her and told her of my fantasies, she kindly put together a good program that allows me to live the secret sissy life style I've always desired.

Proper Sissy Training

First off she instructed me in how to properly dress and attire myself as a feminized male, including makeup tips, clothing choices and of course the proper shoes. She then instructed me in what my duties would be if I was a sissy slave in her household. Aside from cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of the household domestic duties, I would be required to make myself available for the sexual desires of any of her male guests or indeed, if any of her female guests derive pleasure from punishing and humiliating me in any way they saw fit.

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I told her I had never been with another man and certainly not while dressed as a sissy, but she said that was no matter, as many of her males enjoy a virgin sissy to deflower. In order to prepare myself for her service in such a role she instructed me to purchase a strapon to practice sucking cock on, and a large butt plug to get my ass in shape for her male guests who prefer anal sex with a pretty young boy.

Men Like A Well Trained Sissy Maid

She would have me dress myself in the proper female clothing, insert the butt plug and keep the strapon handy to practice sucking as she instructed me on the phone as to the proper techniques and behavior her clients would demand of their sissy. As the days went by and she mentored me in my feminization, she would praise me and sometimes punish me, but always guide me forward.

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And now she says I have arrived, and that she would be proud to pimp me out as one of her sissy male maids without hesitation. I am proud to a finally achieved such a distinction and now our phone sessions consists of her telling me of the various male clients she has selected to be my new masters, and how I will sexually satisfy them in my role as their feminized boy love. If anyone out there secretly desires to explore their feminine side and become the sissy of their dreams, I invite them to call one of the sissy feminization phone sex numbers on this page and set themselves free!

sissy david
[feminized, cock trained and very happy]

I Feminized My Cuck Husband Into A Sissy
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Posted: Friday 10th August 2012, 12:14 PM

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