Boy Lolita

All men have a hunger for a young girl's ass, but what about a hot boy's butt?

"How many hot teen girls have you seen wondering about the mall in a little skirt, showing off their long legs and tight asses? Dressing like little hookers, flirting with every older guy they see and showing no shame? Pretty fucking HOT, huh?! Now, how about if those naughty little cock-teasing lolitas were actually a SUPER cute cross dressing boy? Dressed in garters, heels and a tiny mini-skirt? Would it get you excited? Would you want to take him to bed? I know I would LOVE to fuck a hot boy lolita!..."

Time to get yourself a boy lolita and fuck him good and hard!


Posted: Thursday 5th June 2008, 10:05 AM

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