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   Cock and ball torture that's REALLY extreme.
* Forced Feminization Sissy Stories
   Tales of sissy male maids and feminized men.
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Sissy Feminization Blog

Stories Of Wives Who Spank

When a dominant woman gets married, you know the first male who is going to get to experience her wrath is her husband, right?

And when these bitches decide to dole out the domestic discipline in a variety of kinky and humiliating ways, it's HOT!

Like stories of wives who spank?

The check out the latest femdom collection from author Mistress Femme -

Wives Who Spank - Spanked Husband Stories By Mistress Femme
Spanked Husband Stories

It's a great collection of tales of males forced to take down their pants and assume the position by their strict bitch wives - always a favorite topic around here!

Madame Dionai

Posted: Monday 1st April 2013, 12:57 PM

Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

Mistress Femme returns with a sizzling collection of femdom BDSM erotic short stories in her latest volume of "Dominant Women Submissive Men" and it's hot!

dominant women submissive me stories by Mistress Femme
Femdom BDSM
Explicit Sex Stories!

This one has some awesome sissy material - one story, entitled "Sissy Male Maid Auction" details her feminizing a young boy and older man, then auctioning them off to her rich clients from around the world! Of course, all like to "try" before they buy and the action is XXX hot!

Another story in the collection is "A Mistress At Play" and has a kinky little tale where our favorite author/Dominatrix goes to a sissy beauty contest held in an old theater and the backstage happenings are, well, let's just say - interesting!

Grab a copy today, available in all ebook formats and instant download from Amazon!

Mistress Tara

Sissies Trained And Shamed By Phone!
phone sex Call 1-888-567-4779

Posted: Friday 14th December 2012, 12:43 PM

Cheating Wife Cuckold Stories

If you like stories of married women cheating and sexually humiliating their husbands (cuckolding) then you're going to love this new book from one of our favorite contributing authors - Mistress Femme!

Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme
Cuckolding Short Stories

Great sizzling tales of black bulls feminizing white husbands, hot studs humiliating married men in front of their wives, and of course, tons of kinky cheating wife sex!

Sound like fun?

Grab your copy today and enjoy some quality reading time with our favorite femdom BDSM erotica writer - Mistress Femme!

Posted: Tuesday 30th October 2012, 9:58 PM

Dominant Women Submissive Men

Some great forced feminization and black bull cuckold action in the latest eBook Dominant Women Submissive Men by Mistress Femme that you really should check out!

Mistress White

Posted: Friday 28th September 2012, 8:49 PM

Feminized Over The Phone

For the past 3 weeks I have been undergoing sissy feminization training by telephone with a delightful Mistress who is helping me become the best sissy I can. I first called her number because I was curious as to what kind of feminization could really be achieved over the telephone, and once I had spoken to her and told her of my fantasies, she kindly put together a good program that allows me to live the secret sissy life style I've always desired.

Proper Sissy Training

First off she instructed me in how to properly dress and attire myself as a feminized male, including makeup tips, clothing choices and of course the proper shoes. She then instructed me in what my duties would be if I was a sissy slave in her household. Aside from cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of the household domestic duties, I would be required to make myself available for the sexual desires of any of her male guests – or indeed, if any of her female guests derive pleasure from punishing and humiliating me in any way they saw fit.

Call And Let's Explore YOUR Sissy Fantasy TONIGHT
phone sex Call 1-888-567-4779

I told her I had never been with another man and certainly not while dressed as a sissy, but she said that was no matter, as many of her males enjoy a virgin sissy to deflower. In order to prepare myself for her service in such a role she instructed me to purchase a strapon to practice sucking cock on, and a large butt plug to get my ass in shape for her male guests who prefer anal sex with a pretty young boy.

Men Like A Well Trained Sissy Maid

She would have me dress myself in the proper female clothing, insert the butt plug and keep the strapon handy to practice sucking as she instructed me on the phone as to the proper techniques and behavior her clients would demand of their sissy. As the days went by and she mentored me in my feminization, she would praise me and sometimes punish me, but always guide me forward.

Want Mommy To Feminize You As Her Sissy Son?
mommy phone sex Call 1-888-362-0674

And now she says I have arrived, and that she would be proud to pimp me out as one of her sissy male maids without hesitation. I am proud to a finally achieved such a distinction and now our phone sessions consists of her telling me of the various male clients she has selected to be my new masters, and how I will sexually satisfy them in my role as their feminized boy love. If anyone out there secretly desires to explore their feminine side and become the sissy of their dreams, I invite them to call one of the sissy feminization phone sex numbers on this page and set themselves free!

sissy david
[feminized, cock trained and very happy]

I Feminized My Cuck Husband Into A Sissy
cuckold phone sex number

Feminized sissy training article copyright SissyFeminization.Com
All Rights Reserved.

Posted: Friday 10th August 2012, 12:14 PM

My Small Penis Confession

I was talking on the phone to my mistress today, and she told me that the reason my wife, Tang Sue, cuckolds me with dangerous black men is because I have a small penis and am not worthy of being called a man. She says I would be better off accepting the fact that I am a pathetic sissy and fit only to serve as the butt of my wife's cruel jokes.

Being married to a beautiful young Asian woman did not turn out the way I thought, and I soon became her whipping boy. Mistress says it is because with such a small cock there is no way any woman would ever take me serious and I deserve all the abuse and humiliation I get from women, especially my wife.

And so to obey mistresses wishes I am posting this confession online humbly and sincerely.

Confession Of A Smell Penis Loser

I have a small penis.
my wife makes me suck black cock.
I often have to lick her ass clean after she's been fucked anally by her black bull.
Mistress owns me and I worship her obediently.
my wife says if I do not perform humiliating homosexual sex acts upon men she selects off the street at random, she will have me castrated and sold as a whore to some rich old Arab.

Dressed For Success - As A Sissy

As I write this, I am dressed only in a pair of pink silk panties, black high heels and with my butt plug securely inserted by my wife. She told Mistress she would make sure I did what she commanded by writing this small penis confession.

I hope that I am good enough to serve the women in my life obediently, submissively, and with no thought to my own pleasure or comfort. Women are the superior beings of the universe, and pathetic men like me hope only to serve them as a cuckold and sissy male maids. And if I ever fail in my duties and obligations or disobey my wife or Mistress, I will gladly present myself for punishment and even castration.

Please do not feel sorry for me, as I am only living the life that I deserve - and fervently pray that I may continue to do so in the good grace and care of these beautiful dominant women.

sissy slut Mark
[feminized husband with a small cock]

Small Penis Losers Get What They Deserve HERE!
small penis humiliation phone sex Call 1-877-233-6366

Small penis loser story courtesy of Mistress Femme's BDSM Stories
All Rights Reserved.

Posted: Friday 13th July 2012, 1:28 AM

Take Your Sissy Camping?

Would you ever consider a trip with some girlfriends where you Take Your Sissy Camping?

Think about it, having a feminized male along to hump your gear, cook and perform any dirty menial tasks - all the while dressed in panties and a bra might be sort of useful, if not downright entertaining!

That's just what the three Mistresses in the link above did, took a guy camping, raped his ass and feminized him all on the same trip! Take about an adventure!

Sounds like a blast!

Mistress Femme

Posted: Friday 29th June 2012, 2:14 PM

A Sissy Cuckold Speaks

What would you do if you came home and found your wife had put a pair of pink panties on the bed - with a note attached telling you to put them on?

And that was only the START of what she had in mind for you?

Find out what happened next when A Sissy Cuckold Speaks and reveals how she also forced him to suck a cock!

Marriage is great!


(Follow me on twitter HERE)

Posted: Friday 22nd June 2012, 12:42 PM

A Bored Wife Can Be Dangerous

Want to know why a A Bored Wife Can Be Dangerous and as a husband you should strive to be manly and attentive to her needs?

In her own words:

"Wouldn’t it be awesome to humiliate my dumb hubby by fucking a studly black guy that could physically stomp the living shit out of him in like three seconds? That alone turns me on..."

Can you say "Punked And Cuckolded" coming up?

Mistress Femme

Posted: Monday 11th June 2012, 8:06 PM

Sissy Male Maid For Sale

I've decided I've grown tired of my sissy male maid and am going to sell him to the highest bidder at my next sissy auction. He is well-trained and takes cock up the ass upon command as a good sissy should. He is a young sissy, good for another ten years or so before he becomes some old fag hag.

Why Am I Selling My Sissy?

I'm bored! His wife brought him to me to break and sissy train, but after I was finished and he was properly feminized, she didn't want him back as she had taken a new lover (a beautiful black stallion named "Noel") and was getting all the sex she wanted. No need for a sweet little sissy male maid around the house, so I kept him for my stable. I had originally thought he would make a good sexual plaything for some of my more aggressive male slaves, but he was so pretty I let him serve me up in the main part of the house.

But Now He's Boring

See, it used to be fun to humiliate him by making him suck off my dinner guests or pimping his ass out to the local cons down at the halfway house in the shitty section of town, but it's no longer a challenge. He has become so completely feminized and subservient that quite frankly, he bores me! I don't even get off whipping him anymore! Not a good thing for a Mistress.

So I'm Selling My Sissy

The auction will be by private invitation only and cash most be paid in full upon completion of the sale. Interested parties will be allowed to examine his anus for tightness and be offered five minutes of cock sucking by him to test his oral skills. I have included his complete sissy wardrobe and three sissy male maid outfits in the offering.

This is a great chance for anyone interested in adding a sissy male maid to their stable to pick one up cheap without need of breaking him in or training him in the art of male feminization. I've done all the hard work and it remains for you to take him home and put him to work.

I should add, like most sissies, he has a hunger for black cock so any buyers from Africa, here's a good deal for you!


Mistress Femme
(Owner of MyPhoneMistress.Com)

Posted: Wednesday 6th June 2012, 12:20 AM

Forced Feminization Tips For Husbands

Does your husband or boyfriend act the fool and boss you around? Are you tired of his womanizing and straying in your marriage? Do you want to get him under your thumbs and KEEP him there?

I can help!

How? Forced feminization! Make that man of yours into a docile sissy male maid or even start making money off him by pimping him out to other men as a sissy boy cock whore!

It's easier to force a man to suck cock and dress like a little bitch than you think. Trust me, I know! After years in the business, my males are ALL feminized and obedient.

I can tell you more on my Forced Feminization Tips For Husbands to set your mind at ease, ladies. It's really quite simple and the results can be striking!

Mistress Theodora
(Male feminization expert)

Posted: Monday 21st May 2012, 3:09 PM

We Pegged His Ass

Since it was tax time recently, I had my girlfriend bring her accountant by to help me with my taxes. After going over figures all afternoon we relaxed and had a few drinks - and then got kinky!

We Pegged His Ass good and hard!

She had brought her strapon over and we took turns shoving it up his ass and making a sissy bitch out of him! It was awesome!

And he even got me a nice refund! Now I almost feel sorry for raping his ass so hard, hehe


(Banging boy butt hard)

Cuckold Training By Cheating Wives

Posted: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 12:35 PM

Pegged By The Mistress

This poor sissy maid had just finished his chores, when he noticed the cruel dominant slut he worked for was strapping on a big rubber cock and eyeing him.... apparently he had forgotten to dust the dining room table and she was having company over that night ... and now there was Hell to pay!

He got bent over and Pegged By The Mistress and she reamed his gaping ass until the doorbell rang and her guests started arriving.


He had to serve drinks all the while with his asshole stinging and feeling well-used!

(Male tail rammer)

Adult Babies Diapered By Mommy

Posted: Monday 26th March 2012, 8:42 AM

A Sissy For Mommy

"My son was a little on the swishy side, so I took matters into my own hands and finished the job - yep, I feminzied him into a sweet sissy maid and now take a mother's pride in watching him cook, clean and suck cock! Was I wrong? I don't think so, we bot got what we wanted..."

Would you like to be A Sissy For Mommy and have her play with your cock while dressing you in panties?

It's not for everyone, but if you like hardcore incest feminization you're going to LOVE IT!

(I make boys into girls)

Dominant Mistresses In Charge

Posted: Thursday 15th March 2012, 1:58 PM

Forced To Masturbate To Her Cuckold Fantasies

We're a group of married women who LOVE to cheat and cuckold our men. Forcing them to suck a new stud's cock or prance about as a sissy maid before taking a black bull's big cock up their ass is a blast!

But you know what ALSO gets us off?

Making men masturbate to our hardest cuckolding fantasies!

Yep! That's right! We enjoy telling guys how we're going to degrade them as a cuckold and force them to jerk off for us as we do so - sound like fun?

Be warned - IT'S HARSH!

(Married and serving cuckold creme pie for dinner)

Cuckolds Eat Cum

Posted: Monday 5th March 2012, 1:46 PM

Live Sissy Mistress Webcam

For those of you that need your humiliation and training via the web, here's a Live Sissy Mistress Webcam for you to enjoy!

Just don't start crying if she reduces you a blubbering slave fit only for her perverted amusement!

Mistress Tara
(I shame males)

Women Who Spank Men

Posted: Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 6:12 PM

I Feminized Grampa

Yes, it's true I Feminized Grampa and introduced the old fart to the "joys" of being a sissy male maid and taking it in the ass from a dominant woman!


I took pity on an older woman I met who was tired of being under the thumb of her pain-in-the-ass husband.

The solution? Well, let's just say "I" became the pain in his ass - or at least my biggest strapon cock did! LOL!

Mistress Glenda
(Making male tails burn and pucker)

The World Is Run By Dominant Females

Posted: Monday 6th February 2012, 5:32 PM

Dominant Girls Pegging Men In The Ass

I guess you could say that Dominant Girls Pegging Men In The Ass might be considered a bit intense and extreme in the older generations, but many younger women these days see feminizing their boyfriends once in a while with a strapon as something that is fun and healthy!

Got to agree, if more men got their asses reamed by their girlfriends the world would be a better place for all!

Mistress Glenda
(I ride males)

Forced Facesitting And Domination

Posted: Sunday 22nd January 2012, 8:13 PM

Sexy Women With Strapons

Many a male has lost his anal virginity to Sexy Women With Strapons but how many were forced and how many PAID for the thrill?

Not many men will admit to either, right? Well, ladies, trust me, feminizing a man is an easy task. You see, they ALL secretly want to be a sweet little sissy for their Mistress (or wife) and getting a rubber cock up their tight little manholes is something they crave - a;lmost as much as being put in panties and high heels and pimped to the largest black stud you can find.

So, go get yourselves a strap on girls and get BUSY!

(I train males)

Bad Boys Spanked By Dominant Women

Posted: Sunday 15th January 2012, 2:15 PM

She Pimped Her Sissy To A Guy Video

How about we start off the New Year with a great way to make extra money, hu gals? It's called "pimping your sissy" and it's a great way to get some cash and teach your male a lesson too!

First feminize him and then... well, hell, let's just watch this sizzling video of a sweet sissy sold to a stud for some forced cock sucking and sissy ass banging!

He's getting it at both ends by the end of this sissy slut video and by then you should also have all the techniques down to go out and make some serious cash by feminizing and pimping YOUR sissy!


Madame LaProsne
(I pimp boys to men)

Mommy Trains Sissy Boys By Phone HERE!

Posted: Tuesday 3rd January 2012, 5:40 PM
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